SLIDEN AFRICA – The Livelihoods Support and Development Centre.

Our primary mission is to empower impoverished communities in Africa through a multifaceted approach that encompasses poverty alleviation, livelihoods development, skill enhancement, and gender parity in the context of development, research, and information networking. We are deeply committed to contributing significantly to the enhancement of education, poverty reduction, gender equity, and environmental sustainability across the African continent.

Our strategy for achieving these goals is pro-poor and includes key components such as educational development, community development, livelihoods development, capacity building, and skill acquisition, among others. These strategies are woven into our various programs, which are as follows:

1.     Research and Development Programme: Offering consultancy and business development support.

2.     Livelihood Development Support Programme: Focusing on capacity building, skill acquisition, microcredit, livelihood finance, and information for development projects.

3.     Community Development Programme: Implementing community-assisted development initiatives and providing community development consultancies.

4.     Educational Development Support Programme: Supporting educational initiatives like the SLIDEN and friend Educational Support Project and the SLIDEN and U Educational Project.

In addition to these core programs, we conduct annual national and triennial international conferences as part of our ongoing activities. These conferences serve as vital platforms for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and networking, bringing together professionals, experts, and stakeholders from various fields of agriculture, development, and related areas.

Moreover, we are proud to announce that SLIDEN AFRICA is currently in its Volume 21 of biannual journal publication. This journal serves as a valuable resource for disseminating research findings, sharing insights, and promoting best practices in the domains of agriculture, development studies, and related areas. Our journal, with a history of 21 volumes, is a testament to our commitment to fostering a culture of knowledge sharing and academic excellence.

We are proud to share our track record of successful collaboration in Value Chain Trainings that have had a transformative impact on beneficiaries. One notable project was the Development Market Place (DM2008), a World Bank-sponsored initiative, where we collaborated directly with the Ogun State Agricultural Development Programs (OGADEP) between 2008 and 2013. This project trained over 3000 Cassava Processors in Ogun State on the use of Raised Drying Platforms for Cassava Peels, turning agricultural waste into a valuable resource.

Furthermore, we were involved in the Gains from Losses in Roots and Tubers (GRATITUDE) project, which focused on utilizing Cassava and Yam Peels and Leaves as a goat feed supplement, demonstrating the potential for converting waste into profitable animal feed. Additionally, our participation in the Cassava Adding Value for Africa Phase II (CAVA II) project involved training farmers and field officers, promoting improved cassava varieties, and encouraging the use of High-Quality Cassava Flour (HQCF) in bakery products.

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