Marshal Papworth – The Man Behind the Fund

Our Fund takes its name from our late founder, Marshal Papworth, a well-respected Huntingdonshire farmer, who played a key role in the agricultural community, as well as being a proactive member of the East of England Agricultural Society.

Born in 1939 to parents who farmed in Huntingdonshire Marshal began his farming career as a tenant farmer on Lord de Ramsey’s 270 acre Townsend Farm in Upwood.

An adventurous and visionary man, Marshal travelled extensively to Africa and Asia. It was during these trips that he saw the plight that communities in developing countries faced on a daily basis in sourcing food and safe water. Witnessing these difficulties, Marshal recognised the benefits that such communities could gain from being given the opportunity to embrace sustainable farming practices and learn valuable agricultural and horticultural skills.

Marshal’s untimely death in a flying accident was a huge loss to his family and friends, and to the communities in which he was involved. However, through his sincere generosity, his legacy has been able to live on by way of our Fund by providing scholarship opportunities for students in developing countries.

Marshal’s vision – helping students develop skills they can take back to their homelands and use for the benefit of their own communities – stands as true today as it did while he was alive, and through our work, continues to enrich the lives of people from developing countries around the world.


Help us on providing opportunities for students from developing countries.

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