Hands Around The World

Hands Around The World

Hands Around The World helps children and young people disadvantaged through poverty, disability or otherwise vulnerable, in partnership with locally-managed centres in Africa and India. They also support well-prepared volunteers to offer practical help, skill-sharing and friendship

They work with their volunteers and partners to:

  • Support schools, youth training centres and workshops providing education and training for vulnerable children and teenagers.
  • Develop initiatives at each centre such as vegetable growing, poultry rearing and honey production aiming to improve the nutrition of the children and both generate income and develop the centre’s sustainability.

HATW currently works with partners in Zambia, Kenya, Rwanda, Benin and India, all of which are being supported to become self-sustaining. They also offer occasional support to a few centres where they have historical links.

Every day, through their overseas partners and the generosity of volunteers and supporters, HANDS AROUND THE WORLD (HATW) helps more than 3,000 vulnerable children around the world, by providing the things that we often take for granted….. HATW strive for happy, healthy children who are safe, cared for, listened to, well fed, clothed, housed and in school. They choose to support some of the most needy – often orphaned girls, sometimes with disabilities.

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Hands Around The World

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