Shourt Course Academic Partner

Shourt Course Academic Partner

We have partnered with Harper Adams University in Shropshire to deliver our tailored Marshal Papworth 10-week short course, which was developed for students who want to help their communities to develop a sustainable future in a practical way.

Potential candidates for this course include innovative farmers, community project leaders or primary school teachers with a keen interest in local agriculture, who are motivated in becoming change makers within their communities.

This course has been specifically developed to a BTEC Certificate qualification, helping students to learn about small scale business management, provide specialist support with computers and technology and increase their knowledge across the following core areas:

  • Crop Management
  • Livestock Management
  • Business Management
  • Animal and plant husbandry
  • Farm mechanisation and technology
  • Trainer skills
  • Basic IT skills

The Marshal Papworth Fund is currently working with a number of organisations in country who are responsible for the selection of candidates for the Marshal Papworth 10-week Short Course.


  • This scholarship includes the cost of:
  • Course fees at Harper Adams University, comprising 240 hours of tuition including 10 hours of IT tuition, which are paid directly to the university
  • Visa assistance
  • Flights to and from the UK and transport to and from Heathrow airport
  • Accommodation which is provided on-site at Shuttleworth College in the Halls of Residence
  • Meals in the college’s garden restaurant
  • An allowance to cover food costs for self-catering at weekends
  • A schedule of cultural visits.

Successful applicants are responsible for arranging transport to and from their home country’s airports and providing the additional funds that may be required for associated costs for toiletries and other personal items during the duration of the course.

It is important to stress that there are no additional funds available from the Marshal Papworth Fund, once you

Shourt Course Academic Partner

Help us on providing opportunities for students from developing countries.

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