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Our Students in Sierra Leone

Morie Amadu
Morie Amadu
Course: MSc Water and Sanitation for Development
University: Cranfield University
Year of completion: 2018

Morie attended the National School of Hygiene, University of Sierra Leone – 1993. Qualification Diploma in Public Health

Moria is currently working for WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) since 2008 in various roles. His current position is WASH Coordinator, Sierra Leone & Liberia. His roles and responsibilities are:

  • Overall leadership of the WASH sector of care international in Sierra Leone and Liberia including management and technical supervision
  • Ensure programme design and implementation of WASH programmes including Ebola response & recovery
  • Performance management of staff , partners including capacity building
  • Submission of timely WASH technical reports for both internal (CARE) and external (Donor) consumption
  • Accountability for programme budgets including monthly budget reviews, variance explanations and recommendations for informal management decision making

Upon completion of his MSc Moria would want to lead advocacy efforts for WASH by enlisting with relevant coalitions that would lobby the government to prioritize WASH and make realistic budget allocations to this sector. He will also offer his services to learning institutions to reposition WASH courses in the curriculum and avail himself for the technical assistance and support.

Samuel Sahr Saffa
Samuel Sahr Saffa
Course: MSc Agriculture and Development
University: Reading University
Year of completion: 2016/2017

Samuel is currently working for the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry & Food Security as a Rural Agriculture Extension Officer.

Kabba Santigie Bangura
Kabba Santigie Bangura
Course: MA in Rural Development
University: University of East Anglia
Year of completion: 2006/2007

Kabba continued his studies in the UK before returning to Sierra Leone, where he was to provide educational empowerment for young students in the University of Sierra Leone.

Tambah Dalton Kassoh
Tambah Dalton Kassoh
Course: MSc Food Security and Development
University: Reading University
Year of completion: 2013/2014

Tamba is working for the Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Food Security as a District Field Operations Officer for the rural and private sector development. The Masters Course enabled Tamba to improve his communities livelihood and make them more adaptable for the future.


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