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To help many more students benefit from our scholarships we rely on the generous support of organisations. Our Masters programme costs on average £18,000 per student and our Marshal Papworth 10-week short course costs £5,000 per student. Over the next two years we aim to support 15 students in achieving a Masters in their chosen subject and help 22 students to complete our short course.

As an organisation there are a number of ways in which you can help us to achieve our target:

  • sponsoring a student
  • sponsoring part of our scholarship programme
  • choosing us as your organisation’s charity of the year
  • payroll giving
  • support in kind through product donations
  • compete on our behalf in charity events
  • event support
  • working with our team to develop a tailor-made support package as part of an overall sustainability programme, corporate social responsibility plan or staff engagement strategy.

These are just a few of our suggestions as to how you can help. If you have some of your own ideas that you would like to discuss we would be more than happy to meet with you.

For more information on support or to arrange a meeting please contact Sandra Lauridsen on 01733 363514 or email

Our Students

Marshal Papworth
Caroline Gathoni Wanjohi Macharia

Country – Kenya

Reading University

Course – MSc Communication for Development

Caroline is single. She attended Kenya Methodist University – Qualification Business administration on marketing major – Degree.

Caroline currently works for the Cereal Growers Association in Kenya as a Marketing and Communications Manager. Her roles and responsibilities are:

  • Farmer mobilization for collective action in, lobbying and advocacy
  • Organising communication and public information activities for farmers
  • Media relations airing farmers issues through the media
  • Publishing a farmers magazine aimed at improving agricultural practices
  • Stakeholder engagement aimed at maintaining the desired brand reputation for the Cereal Growers Association

Caroline would like to continue working for Cereal Growers Association when she goes home. She would use her newly gained experience and knowledge to set up a stronger lobbying and advocacy unit. Farmers in Kenya are negatively exploited and would like to change that by challenging the current policies and systems through lobbying and advocacy for farmers, especially small-scale farmers.  

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