Marshal Papworth Short Course 2019 – Graduation from Harper Adams University

Marshal Papworth Short Course 2019 – Graduation from Harper Adams University

A thank you from this year’s cohort of Marshal Papworth Fund short course students, all of whom return home full of inspiration and knowledge to not only farm in a more sustainable way themselves, but to pave the way for their communities to do the same through training plans and projects, all of which will help these developing countries to grow themselves out of hunger.

Vice Chancellor, Marshal Papworth Fund committee, lecturers, NGO representatives, students, ladies and gentlemen.

Marshal was an adventurous and visionary man, he travelled extensively to Africa and Asia. It was during these trips that he saw the plight that communities in developing countries faced on a daily basis in sourcing food and safe water. Witnessing these difficulties, Marshal recognised the benefits that such communities could gain from being given the opportunity to embrace sustainable farming practices and learn valuable agricultural and horticultural skills. Marshal’s untimely death in a flying accident was a huge loss to his family and friends, and to the communities in which he was involved. However, through his sincere generosity, his legacy has been able to live on by way of a Fund which provides scholarship opportunities for students in developing countries. It is for this reason that the group had the opportunity to study at the prestigious Harper Adams University in the United ativan online order Kingdom for a 10-week short course on Sustainable Agriculture.

When we arrived on 27th April, knowing that we would be in a new environment, it was critical that we got the necessary support from Marshal Papworth and Harper Adams University. Hence, the need to thank Sandra, Mitch and Edmore for picking us up at the airport and ensuring that we had a successful induction that ensured a smooth settling in.

We would also like to express our deepest gratitude to Marshal Papworth Fund and the committee in particular – Tom, Steve, Alice and Amy – for providing us with the opportunity to study at Harper Adams University. To Sandra, there is no doubt that you have been a mother, a friend and a teacher. Your role in coordinating various field visits (London visit, Kids County event, Cambridge and G’s farm) and support cannot go unnoticed. You defied all odds to make our stay in the United Kingdom a memorable one. We would like to note that during our visit to Cambridge, you delayed a visit to be with your father just to make time for us. Indeed, you have been excellent and may God bless you.

While we were undertaking our studies in different areas such as: Crops and Agronomy, Livestock Production and Welfare, Agro-Forestry, Agriculture Technology, Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture, Soil and Water Conservation, Forests, Climate Change and Weather, Addressing Gender Issues in Agriculture Program, Introduction to Trainer Skills, Farming Business and Management; the respective lecturers were very understanding and were readily available for consultation. For that, we are immensely grateful to Edmore for his coordination, in particular your outstanding role in scheduling the all interesting diary milking activity, especially at 4:00am. We also note the numerous times you would always check up on us. You were indeed an inspirational leader.

To Mitch, thank you for ensuring that our welfare (food, health and sanitation) was prioritised. We know we might have had strange requests but you never turned us down and for that, we are grateful! Mitch, we appreciate you for taking lead and facilitating the City and Guild training that enabled us to gain presentation and communication skills as trainers. Your role in organizing field visits cannot be overlooked. Thank you Mitch!

It is worth noting that, the top notch facilities at Harper Adams enabled us to carry out learning activities without any stress. For this, we thank the Vice Chancellor and the entire management of the University.

Sheila and David, you played an instrumental role towards our learning and wellbeing in the United Kingdom. There were times you would leave your tight schedules to support us in diverse ways. You two were versatile as you could fit into any task assigned to you. May the good Lord continue to bless you.

We would like to thank these organisations; Self Help Africa, TreeAid and Leprosy Mission for allowing us to come and participate in this course

Finally, we are indebted to the kitchen staff for the excellent catering services offered to the group.

With these remarks;

God bless Marshal Papworth foundation!!

God bless Harper Adams University!!

God Bless United Kingdom!!


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Marshal Papworth Short Course 2019 – Graduation from Harper Adams University

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