Marshal Papworth eagerly awaits new arrivals

Marshal Papworth eagerly awaits new arrivals

The Marshal Papworth Fund is eagerly awaiting the arrival of seven new students from the African continent, who will embark upon Masters Degrees at leading UK agricultural and horticultural universities as part of the Marshal Papworth scholarship programme.

Formed in 2001 as a registered charity, the Marshal Papworth Fund gives young people from developing countries the opportunity to gain life-long agricultural and horticultural skills through its scholarship programme. The students can then share these skills and use them to help improve farming practices in their home communities.

The importance of programmes like the ones provided by the Marshal Papworth Fund, was affirmed by UNESCO in its recent report on the link between education and poverty reduction. It was stated that “one year of education is equal to a 10% wage increase and stops the cycle of transmitting poverty between generations.” It was also noted that people with higher education levels are more likely to express concern for the environment.

This year, students from countries including Uganda, Ethiopia, Malawi, Antigua, Tanzania and Zimbabwe, will spend the next 10 months at Universities including Reading, Writtle and Bangor, studying a variety of MA and Msc courses, including rural development, climate change, agriculture, communication, food security and horticulture.

Commenting on the students’ arrival, Chairman of the Marshal Papworth Fund, James Parrish, said: “We are thrilled to welcome these latest students to the UK and onto our scholarship programme. Our aim is to provide communities in developing countries all over the world phentermine online pharmacy no prescription with the benefit of life-long agricultural and horticultural skills, so that they can achieve a sustainable future for themselves.”

“The number of applications we receive for our scholarship programme on a weekly basis highlights that we are currently only scratching the surface in providing these valuable, life changing skills. In order for us to continue to provide this essential support, additional help from the food and farming industry is crucial.”

Many students, who undertake postgraduate studies through the Marshal Papworth Fund, often on returning home begin working with governments or NGOs. One example of this is Catherine Kemigisha who completed an MSc in Water Management at Cranfield University in 2008. Catherine now works for the Government of Uganda in the Ministry of Water and Environment, where she is responsible for the development and provision of reliable water supplies in order to increase overall crop, livestock, wildlife and fish production in semi-arid and drought prone areas of the country.

The Marshal Papworth Fund, is wholly managed by the East of England Agricultural Society and has already helped improve the lives of over one hundred students from developing countries through its Masters Programme of one year MSc and MA courses. In order to continue this work and give more students the opportunity to benefit from the scheme, the Fund relies on donations. To find out more and to make a donation contact Sandra Lauridsen on 01733 363514 or email for more information.

Marshal Papworth eagerly awaits new arrivals

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