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Education and farming commit time to charity

Education and farming commit time to charity

The Marshal Papworth Fund has strengthened its strategic and governing committee with the addition of two new members, Matthew Studdert-Kennedy and Matthew Naylor, who bring a wealth of knowledge of education, agriculture and teaching to the current team.

Matthew Studdert-Kennedy has lectured in agriculture and associated subjects at Shuttleworth College for over 15 years and has taught a number of students who have attended Shuttleworth for the Marshal Papworth 10-week Short Course.

Studdert-Kennedy commented: “I have been involved with the Fund since 2012, outside of my teaching engagements, and believe the work it does really sets it apart from other charities. As a lecturer I can ensure the students are being taught the most up-to-date information in the most current and effective manner.”

Matthew Naylor runs a family-owned farming and cut flower business in South Lincolnshire. He learned about agriculture and sustainability in childhood and travelled to the African continent several times with the Fund’s partner charity Farm Africa, where he learnt about farming techniques in developed countries. These experiences have driven his interest in the challenges that farmers face outside the UK.

Naylor said: “Over the years I have seen first-hand how important sustainable farming is in countries such as Ethiopia and Uganda; it can mean the difference between whole communities thriving or living in absolute poverty.”

The Marshal Papworth Fund is wholly managed by the East of England Agricultural Society and has already helped improve the lives of over one hundred and twenty students from developing countries through its Masters Programme and 10-week Short Course. In order to continue this work and give more students the opportunity to benefit from its scholarships, the Fund relies on donations. To find out more and to make a donation contact Sandra Lauridsen on 01733 363514 or email for more information.


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