The Masters Programme

The Masters Programme

Each scholarship provides education for a one year course. We therefore award scholarships for a course such as an MSc or MA as these are traditionally one year in length.

We expect students to gain acceptance on a suitable course. Please go to Application Process were you will find a list of universities/colleges that we are currently working with and the relevant courses they individually run from the list below. The contacts listed are fully aware of the Marshal Papworth scholarship.

For more details on the society’s Marshal Papworth Scholarship please contact

You cannot apply directly to the Marshal Papworth Fund for our Masters programme. Applications should be made as follows:

  • Prospective scholarship students should contact one of our chosen universities/colleges (link to the Universities page) directly and apply for a suitable course
  • Students who apply must have a good command of the English Language as they will be required to sit an English test. English language is a requirement for all university/college admissions and English language is a requirement stipulated by UKBA for all international students
  • Students who pass this test then need to go through the applications procedure of the university/college for their chosen course
  • Once accepted onto a course the university/college will select candidates they believe are eligible for a Marshal Papworth Scholarship and will forward the students application and CV onto the Marshal Papworth Fund directly for consideration
  • Students who will be considered for a Marshal Papworth scholarship will not have received any other form of scholarship funding prior to this application
  • Suitable students must also demonstrate a clear desire for their country and fellow countrymen to benefit from their learning as a result of their completed course
  • Applications for scholarships must be received from partnering universities/colleges no later than the end of the second week of April, or the last day before the Easter break, whichever is the former. This is to ensure that the students who are awarded a scholarship have ample time to arrange Visas and travel arrangements before the start of their course in the autumn
  • Copies of the Admission Application/Copy of Certificates/Copy of Transcripts/Copy of References/Completed Marshal Papworth Student Application Form and CVs will be forwarded to the Marshal Papworth Fund Committee for perusal and comments soon after the closing date as highlighted above
  • Applications and CVs will be considered by the Marshal Papworth Fund Committee and communication of awarded scholarships will be directly to successful students from the university/college for which they applied.
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