Case study: David Edache talks poultry production in Nigeria

Case study: David Edache talks poultry production in Nigeria

Student case study

Name:                          David Edache

Country:                        Nigeria

Course:                        MSc Agricultural Science and Production Systems, 2018-19

University:                     Harper Adams University

After completing his Marshal Papworth-funded scholarship in 2019, MSc Agricultural Science and Production Systems graduate David, from Nigeria, has used his research and new skills to improve not only his personal situation, but also impact those of his fellow poultry farmers.

David said: “Since returning to Nigeria from Harper Adams University, I have invested into a small poultry broiler farm to translate some of the knowledge and skills I garnered while studying in the UK – I returned home very excited and motivated to do poultry production in a different way. Although I understand there are no quick fixes, I believe that if other local farmers design their poultry system differently, then we stand a high chance of offsetting the food demands of our ever-growing Nigerian population.”

David has also seen further progress in his education, winning a PhD position to further expand his knowledge base in cattle ruminant production and nutrition. David explained: “My PHD project is related to sustainable development, and I am confident that the results I anticipate will be useful in improving the cattle industry in Africa, especially in Nigeria.”

As a note to anyone considering applying for a Marshal Papworth Fund scholarship, David said: “To the next Marshal Papworth scholars, I openly advise you to take full advantage of the lifetime opportunity the Marshal Papworth Fund offers. The scholarship is unique in a way that it not only gives you an opportunity to take home an MSc degree, but to make a lifetime network of incredible people.

“You will succeed if you stay humble to learn, ask questions, and create the right cycle of friends and peers during your one year stay in the UK. I am proud to consider myself an ambassador of the Marshal Papworth alumni family.”

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Case study: David Edache talks poultry production in Nigeria

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