Agricultural development scholarship charity celebrates landmark 250th student from developing countries

Agricultural development scholarship charity celebrates landmark 250th student from developing countries

The Marshal Papworth Fund, an agricultural development charity that provides life changing scholarships for students from developing counties at leading UK agricultural and horticultural universities and colleges, is this month celebrating the arrival of its 250th student – a landmark milestone for a charity that initially aspired to provide scholarships for just a handful of farmers.  

The latest cohort of seven Masters programme scholars have arrived in the UK this autumn, heading to Bangor University, Cranfield University, the Royal Agricultural University, the University of Reading, and Writtle University College, where they will study MSc Agriculture and Development, MSc Conservation and Land Management, MSc Future Food Sustainability, MSc Horticulture and Crop Production, and MSc Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security. 

One of last year’s scholarship recipients, Yetunde Durojaiye, MSc Agricultural Sciences and Production Systems at Harper Adams University, explained the impact of the Fund’s work: “Your generosity and dedication have made an immeasurable difference in our lives. The scholarship has opened doors to a world of knowledge, growth, and possibilities. The Fund’s commitment to fostering agricultural education and sustainable development is truly inspiring. Through your efforts, you are not only investing in our futures but also contributing to the betterment of communities worldwide. We are privileged to be part of this noble mission, and we pledge to carry the torch of your vision forward in our academic and professional pursuits.”

“As we embark on this journey, we carry with us the lessons of hard work, dedication, and the importance of community that the Marshal Papworth Fund has instilled in us. Your faith in our abilities fuels our determination to excel academically and to make a meaningful impact in the field of agriculture and rural development.” 

Managed by the East of England Agricultural Society, the Marshal Papworth Fund has been providing scholarships for students from developing countries since 2001, including year-long Masters MSc scholarships to leading UK agricultural universities and colleges, and a bespoke 10-week short course, developed with Harper Adams University. The Fund was established with monies bequeathed by Marshal Papworth, a well-respected Huntingdonshire farmer, who played a key role in the agricultural community. Following extensive travels across Africa and Asia, Marshal realised that the communities could benefit from the opportunity to embrace sustainable farming practices and learn valuable agricultural and horticultural skills here in the UK. 

Over the years, the Marshal Papworth Fund has forged partnerships with charities based in country to enable the selection of students for its 10-week short course that are most likely to roll out the sustainable agriculture learnings successfully in their communities, and thereby positively impact the most lives. They also work closely with leading universities in the UK to ensure the selection of the best candidates for their year-long Masters programme. 

Marshal Papworth Fund chairman, Tom Arthey, said: “When the Fund was established in 2001 by monies bequeathed by Marshal it was hoped that a handful of students would benefit from our scholarship. Fast forward to today and 250 agricultural and horticultural students from developing countries have benefited from our scholarship programme. With the Fund’s help they have been able to adopt life changing, land-based skills and facilitate sustainable farming in their communities, firmly embedding valuable practices for generations to come. Thank you to all the fellow charities, universities, and organisations that have helped the Marshal Papworth Fund reach this incredible 250 students milestone!” 

To find out more about supporting the Marshal Papworth Fund, please contact Sandra Lauridsen on 01733 961024 or email for more information.  You can also visit our new website at      

Agricultural development scholarship charity celebrates landmark 250th student from developing countries

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