A ‘Taste of Africa’ in the heart of East Anglia

A ‘Taste of Africa’ in the heart of East Anglia

On Thursday 2 July the movers and shakers in the East of England agricultural sector gathered to celebrate the achievements of the Marshal Papworth Fund Short Course and Masters students. The evening was hosted in a replica African village built by the students, and guests were treated to authentic steel drum music and food from the continent.

During the evening Lord Iveagh addressed the attendees and presented each student with certificates for the courses they have successfully completed.

The Marshal Papworth Fund provides agricultural and horticultural scholarships helping students from developing countries to gain practical skills and valuable knowledge to share within their local communities in order to meet future food needs.

Commenting on the evening, Lord Iveagh, Patron of the Marshal Papworth Fund, said: “The Marshal Papworth Fund students achieve a huge amount, they take the knowledge gained throughout their studies back to their home countries and disseminate the information for the benefit of local communities. It was great to be part of an evening that celebrates everything they have achieved.

“The Fund’s two scholarship programmes, the 10-week Short Course and the individual Masters course, have a positive impact on thousands of lives, enabling students to help farmers at every level, from showing rural farmers how to become self-sufficient, to working with government officials creating international policies.”

A ‘Taste of Africa’ in the heart of East Anglia

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