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Marshal Papworth welcomes its 184th agricultural student from developing countries

Marshal Papworth Fund, a UK based agriculture-education charity, has welcomed its 184th student as part of this year’s intake of seven students from developing countries, extending the opportunity for communities to grow themselves out of hunger.


Marshal Papworth Fund coordinator, Sandra Lauridsen, commented: “We know from studies that the impact these students can create when they return home is huge, with one of our alumni having set up a food security project supporting 10,000 poor rural households in Ghana following his studies in the UK. So with every intake of students the committee and all of its supporters and partners are immensely excited about reaching even more rural communities.” Sandra continued: “It has been a challenging 12 months trying to secure the necessary visas for this year’s students, but meeting them all and seeing how excited they are to learn over the next 10 weeks has made it all worthwhile.”


The students, who this year come from Senegal, Kenya and Burkina ativan over the counter substitute Faso, have arrived in the UK to work towards a BTEC Certificate in Agriculture that will enable them to return to their home countries and share sustainable farming techniques with their local communities, following the charity’s motto, ‘growing out of hunger.’


The 10-week Short Course will run for the second time at Moulton College, one of the UK’s leading agricultural colleges, teaching the students a number of sustainable farming skills and practices including crop management, business management, animal and plant husbandry, training skills and basic IT. Classroom studies will run alongside field visits and cultural trips to Ely, London and agricultural country shows to enhance their learning and whole experience.


In order to continue these opportunities for students from the developing countries and benefit more communities, the charity relies on donations from individuals and businesses. To find out more and to make a donation contact Sandra Lauridsen on 01733 363514 or email for more information.

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